The Power of the Brow!

Yes I am talking about eyebrows, the pinnacle frame of your face and the most powerful tool to create expressions. In the UK alone women spend approx £2.3 million of eyebrow products each year, whether that’s pencils to pomades, or more advance treatments like Henna or even tattooing, the brow market is big business.

After discovering henna over 2 years ago, I knew it would be a game changer in the beauty brow industry, why? I hear you ask, well lets dive into the benefits of visiting a Henna Brow Technician.

As opposed to a normal tinting procedure, henna can last double the time, with the standard tint lasting up to 3 weeks, you can expect near on double the longevity on the hair, therefore giving the brows a fuller 3D appearance.

The ingredients found in the henna can stimulate henna to grow back thicker, meaning over plucked brows can quite possibly be saved.

The beauty of henna is that it contains less chemicals and harsh ingredients, so it’s a great option for those who are allergic to the harsher chemicals.

You may find that henna will stain the skin, now this benefit can vary depending on skin type and is not guaranteed. A skin stain can help mask any over plucked areas and helps teach how and where to fill in with pencil to create the perfect shape.

As with any colouring you are adding to the hair or skin, a patch test is required before treatment can take place, this is in your best interests to make sure no allergic reaction occurs, please make sure your technician offers you a patch test, it is industry standard for major insurances to make sure this is implemented and recorded.

You may have noticed that technicians are charging more for henna services than a regular tint treatment, let me clear this one up for you. Henna Brow Design as I like to call it is exactly that ‘Brow Design’, a tint procedure can take approx. 15 mins and not require in depth prep or mapping to create your perfect shape, with tint we generally just work with what you have. With Henna we take the time to prep, prime, draw and map to create your perfect brow shape according to your face shape and features, and can also create looks such as the ombre effect that is popular amongst the early 20’s currently. Henna is the middle ground between tint and semi permanent makeup.

For more information or if you want to book a wonderful brow design treatment then contact me.

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